Fantasy Snorkel Fountain Pens Are Made In The U.S.A.

Fantastic Solid and Translucent Acrylic Colors

Tega Pen Company Welcomes You To "The Fantasy SNORKEL Pen Collection"

Tega Pen Company Welcomes You To "The Fantasy SNORKEL Pen Collection"

Tega Pen Company Welcomes You To "The Fantasy SNORKEL Pen Collection" Tega Pen Company Welcomes You To "The Fantasy SNORKEL Pen Collection" Tega Pen Company Welcomes You To "The Fantasy SNORKEL Pen Collection"


1952-1959 SNORKEL Pens Reborn in a Variety of Fantasy Colors and Nib Options

New Age Materials Combined With A Tried And True Filling Technology

Amazing Acrylic Colors


New materials available today are more vibrant, have a softer feel and allow for better pen balance

High Luster Finish


With a 5 step sanding process and a final polishing operation, barrel and end caps are exceptionally smooth and seamless

Clip & Band Trim Options


Clips and bands are available in gold and silver to match the nib design of your choice

SNORKEL Nib Styles & Fantasy Pen Prices

Open PdAg Nib


Solid Acrylic Fantasy Pen - $235.00

Demonstrator - $315.00

Open Gold Nib


Solid Acrylic Fantasy Pen - $255.00

Demonstrator - $335.00

Open Two Tone Nib


Solid Acrylic Fantasy Pen - $265.00

Demonstrator - $345.00

Triumph PdAg Nib


Solid Acrylic Fantasy Pen - $275.00

Demonstrator - $355.00

Triumph Gold Nib


Solid Acrylic Fantasy Pen - $285.00

Demonstrator - $365.00

Triumph Two Tone Nib


Solid Acrylic Fantasy Pen - $295.00

Demonstrator - $375.00

Demonstrators Have Arrived !

Crystal Clear



The first production run of the clear Fantasy Snorkel barrels and caps are exquisite.  

Exceptional Look



Removing the machining scratches inside the cap and barrel were my primary concerns in making these demonstrators PERFECT 



With many translucent acrylic colors available, tangerine was the choice of several customers, just after the first place choice of clear

Blue Sky


Only your imagination can limit the availability of demonstrator tints

Vibrant Red


Rich colors bring out the true meaning of the "Fantasy Snorkel" demonstrator

Brown Smoke


This Brown Smoke acrylic truly brought tears to my eyes when it was polished



Triumph Nibs in Gold, Two Tone and Silver PdAg

Nibs Available In Fine, Medium and Broad

Pen Clips And Bands Available In Gold Or Rhodium


Open Nibs in Gold, Two Tone and Silver PdAg

Limited Availability On Original 14K Gold Feed ($20.00)

Nibs available in:  A, XFine, Fine, Medium & Broad

*Additional Cost For Gregg, Flex and Stub 

Rare Snorkel Music Nibs are a special request only


Perfect Gift For Any Pen Collector

Pen Comes Luxuriously Displayed And Protected In A White Satin Bed Interior And Spring Action Pen Box

All pens components are meticulously restored, all nibs are adjusted for smooth writing and come with a 1 year total satisfaction guarantee

The History Of The SNORKEL


The History of the SNORKEL

The Ink Gets Sucked Up The Tube By Vacuum


The "Snorkel" filling system prevents the dipping of the nib and feed into the ink bottle making it an extremely clean filling system

Sheaffer's Original 6 Solid Colors In 1952


From 1952 to 1956 Sheaffer only had six solid colors available: Blue, Burgundy, Black, Grey, Brown and Green

Sheaffer Added 9 Colors During 1956 - 1959


As Sheaffer realized 6 solid colors was not a large selection, they added 9 more solid colors in 1956 to 1959

Promotional Ideas Of The 1950's


As a way to differentiate the snorkel for other fountain pens, Sheaffer introduced short, pointed phrases to highlight the filling system

18 Components Needed To Make A Snorkel


Recognized as the most complicated filling system in any fountain pen, it also was the most dependable and one of the most efficient pens ever made

Snorkel "TM" Was Promoted As Their Thin Model


In the 1950's a thin model pen was the demand of the every day writer. As time went on the demand for a thin model was lost. Tega Pen Company has designed the Fantasy Snorkel to be fatter and well balanced


Five Simple Steps


Step 1 - Turn the blind cap counter clockwise

Step 2 - Pull out the filler tube          

Step 3 - Dip the Snorkel tube into the ink

The Last 2 Steps


Step 4 - Push the filler down and count to 7 with the snorkel tip IN THE INK

Step 5 - Turn the blind cap clockwise to retract the snorkel tube

Your Pen Is Ready To Write


Over 30 years ago, the late Frank Dubiel tested several popular pens of the time in a "real world" situation. Two models of each pen were used to write 500 words per day using Carter blue-black ink with one fill

Download How To Fill A Snorkel

Download the 2020 Pen World Fantasy Snorkel Pen Review

"Vintage Inspiration - The Fantastic Fantasy Snorkel"


Download PDF

Fountain Pen Journal 2019

How It All Started

Paul Erano heard someone was making a new snorkel

It's All About Relationships

Gary Lehrer of introduces Paul to John Bedard

Paul Writes The Article

"I Knew He Was Just The Right Man For The Job"

How To Order Your Fantasy Snorkel

Pick Your Fantasy Acrylic


There are now over 25 different Fantasy acrylics , including the demonstrators, to choose from. Choose the acrylic description from the pictures in the cap & barrel or demonstrator section

Pick Your Nib Grade


You can choose the current availability of: Account, extra fine, fine, medium and broad. 

Flex, Stub and Music nibs have limited availability upon request

Pick Your Nib Style


You can choose an open nib or the triumph nib, sometimes referred to as the conical nib. These are available in PdAg (silver) , gold or two tone

Pick Your Band And Clip Trim


Gold or silver cap bands and gold plated or silver/chrome clips are available to match the nib style you choose. Special requests welcomed

Free Priority Shipping


Free Priority shipping withing the Unites States. Fantasy Snorkel Fountain Pens shipped outside the US will be charged actual shipping costs

Orders & Payment Options


Upon receiving your detailed order I will respond promptly with availability and pricing.

Payment options include PayPal and credit card by phone or fax

What's Going On ?

Columbus, Ohio Pen Show

The Columbus show was Oct. 30th - November 3rd. I had a full room on my "How To Fill A Snorkel " seminar.

A full line of acrylics as well as the DEMONSTRATORS were available and the CLEAR DEMONSTRATOR was a huge seller.

The Columbus Show is well know for being a truly vintage pen show. There were many reputable dealers with quality pens of all makes and models. 

Philadelphia Pen Show 2020

The Philly Pen Show was January  17 - 19. 

It was cold and snowy just like all previous years.  I had  a very wide selection of nibs in flex, stub & in all standard grades from X to B in both the open and the triumph style. 

The two tone triumph nib is still the most requested nib style. Several meduims were sold as well as a Gregg Shorthand, Broad and a Stub nib. 

The Baltimore Pen Show

The Baltimore Pen Show is February 28th -March 1st.

We will continue the large variety of "Fantasy Snorkel" fountain pens as we have in the prior shows. We have had amazing comments on the acrylic colors, the feel, balance and nib smoothness.

We will "not be attending" the LA Pen show  February 6th - 9th due to a prior commitment. Items can be  order thru the web site or by phone.

The DC Super Show & San Francisco Pen Shows

Tega Pen company is planning to attend both these pen shows.

Dates have not been announced at this time. As soon as the dates are established I will update our web page to give everyone ample time to plan for the show. If there is something special you are looking for, please let me know and I can bring it to the show.

Birthdays and Holiday gifts

The "Fantasy Snorkel" Fountain Pen is a unique gift that has never been seen by many pen collectors. After a year of development, the "Fantasy Snorkel" was perfected and born. The amazing writing characteristics and color variations can be experienced by stopping at any of the pen shows to see a great fountain pen. 

Thank you

For all the pen collectors and every day pen writers that have purchased a "Fantasy Snorkel" I say THANK YOU. I try my best to offer an exceptional writing fountain pen in amazing acrylic colors to fit the writing habits of every person. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed.

The web site is update frequently with new additions and nib availability.

Reproduction Pen Trays - $35.00

Trays 7 x 7 1/4


Reproduction of the original 

vintage pen tray

Trays Hold 10 Pens


Made From All Wood


Sides and front border are solid oak

Assorted Colors Available


Quality You Can Count On


Trays Make The Perfect Display


Special Requests

Looking For A Special Nib?

Over the past few months and several pen shows, many have asked for flex and even music nibs. Those are very hard to find and if you are interested please let me know and I will put you on the list for special requests. It should be noted that these nibs are 60 years old and many did not survive over the years.

Currently,  I have an exceptional variety of nibs in: Accountant, Xfine, Fine, Medium/Fine & Medium. 

I currently have: 1 Gregg,  3 Flex nibs, 3 Stub and 3 Broad nibs. These are in different nib styles, so the choices may be limited.

Fantasy Snorkel Pen Made By The Tega Pen Company